A little background

Always active, even as a adult, I was felled by illness that, over time, dramatically changed my life. The initial illness grew in numbers and severity as I scrambled to cope and make sense of it all. These health issues didn’t have the decency to leave, even after a long, extended visit. I have struggled many times, and still do, but over time, I have managed to find some quality of life for myself, obviously of importance for everyone. I have promised myself that I would strive to embrace the positives while eschewing the toxic influences in my world. In many, many ways, I am luckier than most.

Pandemics and human behaviour


This cruelty makes my blood boil. Asian people are just as likely to develop COVID-19 as the rest of us. Yes, the novel coronavirus likely originated from a wet market in China. Yes, it would have helped if China had notified the world sooner. The secrecy and delays by the Chinese government in notifying the rest of the world of the virus that appeared first in Wuhan cost many lives. However, only a chosen few were making these decisions. Most asian people had absolutely nothing to do with the decisions made by the government.

No one, asian or otherwise, deserves the treatment that Chinese and other asian people are receiving in Canada. This kind of thing should have appropriate repercussions, perhaps a night actually spent in jail, a fine, with escalating repercussions if someone is found doing the same type of thing afterward. I don’t have the answers, but in our so-called civilized society, we should be able to figure out how to teach a few jerks how to treat people.

My husband was born in Humboldt (yes, that one), Saskatchewan, Canada, growing up in Edmonton in the Chinese culture which often involved straddling the divide between two worlds — Chinese culture at home, and English culture outside the home. In spite of the obstacles and challenges in his way, he turned out pretty awesome, in my humble opinion. 😍 My husband, my asian relatives, my asian friends, all asian people, deserve to be treated the way we all wish to be, with dignity, respect, and compassion.

May everyone dealing with this pandemic stay safe. We will get through this. If you are struggling with any issue, please do not hesitate to ask for help. I did.