Sleep, Glorious Sleep

So if you were wondering what happens when we sleep, here’s a scientific explanation. It appears I am going to have to do more to ensure I get enough quality sleep on a consistent basis.

A lot of healthy people think they need don’t need much sleep or that they don’t have time for the ’recommended’ hours of sleep for their particular situations. It seems that they might want to think twice about those assumptions. I imagine those who aren’t well would need more sleep, but that is my own hypothesis.We may not have a lot of control over our health, family, or work issues, for example, but we can make sleep a priority. Obviously, some of us may have to work at it harder than most. Don’t look at me. I’m going to have to make a real hard push in that direction. There isn’t much else that I can change, and I realize those with a lot of pain may face greater challenges, but it appears that every little bit of extra sleep works in our body’s favor.

Must work on becoming a well-rested pigeon.

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